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Portuguese Sustainable Fashion - A Force of Nature

The film “Mother Nature”, developed by AICEP - Portuguese Trade and Investment Agency - for the International Campaign “Sustainable Fashion”, aims to be a statement that the Portuguese fashion industry has quality, creativity, talent, innovation, technology and the ability to adapt.


In it, we see the enigmatic figure of a Mother Nature narrating how much it admires what the Portuguese can imagine and create from natural elements. Inspiration is part of our nature. And nature inspires us to create. Raw materials, textures, colours and landscapes of rare beauty set the tone for this inspiration.


In the film, a couple strolls through places of rare beauty, from rocks that seem to have been sculpted by avant-garde artists, to caves and beaches. The youngsters wear clothes, jewellery and footwear created by fashion designers and produced in Portugal with their eyes on the world.


The film conveys several messages with two key pillars standing out.




Represented by young Portuguese designers who lent their creations to the film, as well as foreign designers who chose Portugal as a source of inspiration for developing their collections.




Environmental, by involving unique and natural landscapes. And in the reuse of waste from which new textures are born that give uniqueness to the various designs.


Social, by presenting traditional pieces that are visible in objects such as scissors or sewing machines, as well as the work of craftsmen.


What the film, created by FCB Lisboa and produced by BRO Cinema, states is powerful and stays in the hearts and minds of those who watch it: Portuguese Sustainable Fashion, both in terms of processes and the raw materials used is more than a trend. It is something natural and an upward moving reality that will continue to grow. Naturally.


Lasting 2:40', the film will be disseminated primarily in the Spanish and French markets, through various digital platforms and with the assistance of the AICEP Offices in said markets, in a global advertising campaign supported by various media developed for the "Portuguese Sustainable Fashion" International Campaign. Due to its nature, its impact will naturally extend to other European markets and to the four corners of the world where AICEP is represented.