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Maria João Bahia

"To create jewellery is to embody stories, to convert memories into beautiful and timeless objects." This is how Maria João Bahia defines her art. The designer took her first steps in this business in 1981, when she began studying jewellery. Over the years, she has built a solid and innovative brand, internationally renowned for its authentic design, full of symbolism, emotions and feelings.


From the outset, the artist embraced personalisation as her main differentiating feature, through a unique and authentic approach. Each piece created is born from a concept, an idea. And it tells a story that reflects the personality of those who will wear it. An exclusive project developed by the brand, called "Reborn", aims to redesign jewellery: a way of giving new life to pieces and preserving memories.


Bringing together tradition and innovation is also a defining feature of Maria João Bahia's collections. The transformation and adaptation of filigree is a great example of the designer's transformative mind-set. Her new approach blends the world of jewellery with a unique vision, resulting in jewellery that conveys history, identity and boldness. Traditional Portuguese filigree has been reinterpreted, inspiring other artists.


Sustainability is also a core value of the brand. Every ounce of raw material is reused. A concept that cuts across the entire production line: machinery, tools and processes are designed and planned to reduce and avoid waste.


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