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Children's fashion. True sustainability


With 100% Portuguese design and manufacture, Wedoble is based on several years of experience in high-quality knitwear. The brand is already a benchmark for well-being and comfort, combined with a classic, sophisticated and modern design, creating unique pieces adapted to babies.


Wedoble presents its collections with a commitment to comfort, elegance, technology, and respect for the environment. The classic and timeless styles are predominant factors, valuing the quality and refinement of the materials used, with particular emphasis on the details and finishes of the pieces.


The brand is also synonymous with sustainability because it offers products made from cotton and other natural fibres, such as merino wool and cashmere. This year, it presented the new Beyond the Earth line, with over 75 per cent of the garments made from organic cotton and GOTS certified. With ‘wholegarment’ technology, waste production is less than 5 per cent.


This collection also stands out for the introduction of labels with a QR Code that allows you to follow the life cycle of the garments, namely from their origin, to advice on what to do at the end of their life.


This awareness is reflected in the "Sell 1 Buy 1" project with which they work globally. In addition, Wedoble is part of the Kids Moda Portugal project, an initiative that aims to incorporate sustainability practices into the business.


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