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Founded in 1874, Topázio will be 150 years old in 2024. Created by Manuel José Ferreira Marques, the brand's main differentiating feature is a centuries-old tradition: manual production. In this way, the company develops personalised, made-to-measure pieces with total creative freedom.


Topázio's artisans know how to blend design with manual production, transforming a simple sheet of silver into true works of art, moulded and sculpted as decorative pieces, cutlery, jewellery and Art de la Table. Everything is done with a personal and innovative touch, giving each piece a genuine and authentic uniqueness.


The brand's mission is to ally the preservation of ancestral manual knowledge and techniques with innovation and the introduction of new elements to jewellery, be it in the creation of new products, combinations of materials or in the manufacturing processes. This ethos allows the brand to develop timeless and unique pieces, centred on manual work and guaranteeing a genuine and authentic uniqueness.


Environmental responsibility is also an intrinsic principle of the brand, which is fully committed to renewable energy sources and policies that allow for the creation of sustainable products, based on the use of ecological materials in the creation and design of its products.


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