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Children's fashion by Portuguese hands


Snug is a Portuguese children's clothing brand. From design to packaging, the company is keen to differentiate every detail of its production line, relying on two main pillars: Portugueseness and sustainability.


All the brand's garments are produced in Portugal under the umbrella concept: Snug by Portuguese Hands. To fulfil its high quality standards and boost the local economy, all production is handled within a 50km radius of the company's headquarters in Porto. All the raw materials used to produce the garments are also Portuguese and European.


For Snug, sustainability kicks in at the creative stage. The design prioritises longevity, maximising the life cycle of the garments and implementing eco-design strategies: looser models, mostly genderless and with functional details that allow the garments to keep up with children's growth.


Environmentally conscious initiatives are present at every stage of the production process. Optimising the cutting and dyeing process helps to reduce material waste and water consumption by up to 70%. It is also in choosing raw materials that Snug expresses its environmental awareness, by opting for a low variety of inputs and favouring organic and recycled materials.


In terms of marketing, Snug utilises digital channels both for sales and to advertise its collections. As for packaging, the company relies on totally plastic-free and reusable packaging.


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