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Cleansing the oceans one step at a time


SKIZO is a socio-environmental impact company that uses new raw materials to bring revolutionary textile innovations and new patents to the market. Established in 2019, the brand's principle is simple but effective: transforming discarded fishing nets and plastic gathered from the ocean into premium textile products.


Environmental responsibility and community awareness are part of the brand's roots. As well as establishing recycled polyester and polyamide as its primary raw materials, produced from plastic and fishing nets collected from the sea, the brand also involves fishermen and beach clean-up volunteers in recycling. Through the help of these stakeholders, the brand can transform discarded materials into textile raw materials.


Every step SKIZO takes has an environmental focus. That's why all the technologies the company implements aim to solve an ecological problem in the fashion industry. But the brand goes beyond this, leveraging its technological innovations and materials for companies in other sectors.


Sustainability can be seen at every level of the production chain. The brand has opted to produce to order, so it doesn't have to keep stock. It also offers an end-of-life programme for its products, in which it receives, restores and gives used footwear to people who need it most. It has recently launched an alternative material to leather made from coffee grounds. Yet another environmental responsibility campaign by SKIZO.


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