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A children's footwear brand with its eyes set in the future


Established in 1988, Savana is a company known for producing children's footwear, which it has expanded to include footwear for adults. The brand stands out for aligning innovation and tradition, offering a range of customisable products with a fast, quality service.


Innovation is one of its main cornerstones, present in all sectors and at every stage: in the manufacturing process, the product and the company's management. Tradition is also one of the company's fundamental values, reflected in the high quality of its products and the value placed on the human factor.


Today, approximately 98 per cent of Savana's production goes to other European countries, which is evidence of its international recognition and consolidation in the textile market.


Since 2017, Savana has been working to accelerate the incorporation of sustainability into its production process. Since then, it has made significant progress towards respecting the environment and sustainable production, prioritising using plant-based materials such as hemp, carob, jute, coffee grounds, and apple skin.


The brand has also started to adopt soles made from recycled tennis balls and natural rubber. Savana also breathes new life into materials that cannot be recycled, incorporating them into its footwear.


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