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A brand born anew for the future


Born in 1933, Sanjo has a heritage in its DNA: it was the first Portuguese brand of trainers, inscribing its name in the history of sport in the country.


Created in the city of São João da Madeira, the place that inspired the brand's name, Sanjo has become synonymous with Portugal's artistic and cultural expression, helping to create the ideals of Portuguese design.


Sanjo is also moving towards sustainability. It has ditched the vulcanisation process for its soles and introduced a TPR Vegan glued sole, a more environmentally responsible technology. Even so, it has retained the typical rubber and canvas that have marked eras and accompanied generations.


The brand also uses eco-friendly materials, such as corduroy, "Peta Approved"; burel, water-resistant, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and 100 per cent Portuguese; and "Leather Working Group" leather, which comes from the food industry.


Sanjo is certified by APCER in the Integrated Quality Management System and the Balance between Professional, Family and Personal Life.


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