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Full environmental care


‘Creative Texagility’. It is on this concept of textile creativity that Polopiqué builds its central values. With over 85 years of experience and expertise, the Polopiqué group stands out in the textile market for its verticality and self-mastery of all stages of the production process, from spinning through weaving and finishing to the manufacture and commercialisation of high-quality products.


Polopiqué blends tradition and innovation with environmental awareness. The company is a pioneer in developing yarns using recycled cotton, both pre- and post-consumer, in ring spinning, a project developed in partnership with Recover™, which has Polopiqué as its only partner in Europe.


This partnership gives brands and partners the opportunity to incorporate product lines with recycled cotton from Recover™, both pre- and post-consumer, in both knitwear and woven fabrics. By doing so, it makes it easier for brands to achieve their sustainability targets, mitigating the environmental issues that come with using cotton or other materials.


In addition, the collections developed by this brand use sustainably sourced raw materials through increasingly environmentally responsible and eco-friendly production processes, aiming to achieve its environmental and sustainability goals and, consequently, helping to reduce its ecological footprint.


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