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The uniqueness of cork made for footwear

Original Cork

Original Cork was born in the summer of 2011 out of a desire to create sustainable slippers, which until then had been almost unavailable on the market. The idea was to create a brand of slippers made from cork, a 100% natural, sustainable, recyclable, reusable raw material of Portuguese origin.


Today, the slippers are produced by a family-run company with vast experience and tradition in footwear production, which blends manufacturing and the use of machines in a controlled manner.


Environmental awareness is a central cornerstone of its business, from selecting raw materials to applying solvent-free aqueous glue to the insoles and soles of the slippers.


The materials made from cork are ideal for the technical demands of the footwear industry and can be used in insoles, heels, sole and bottom fillers, midsoles, linings and insoles.


The brand is proud to do things differently, standing out in the beach flip-flop market - traditionally produced with rubber or plastic - with products made from renewable and sustainably harvested material: cork.


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