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Ethics and sustainability go hand in hand

Marita Moreno

Marita Moreno is a Portuguese fashion accessories brand that was born from a unique perspective of ethics and sustainability. Since its inception, the company has blended Portuguese cultural heritage with socio-environmental responsibility.


Marita Moreno has been on an ecologically responsible journey since it was established, starting with limited ranges, through the use of national raw materials, production in Portugal and the integration of traditional handmade textiles. In 2018, with the introduction of the vegan range, the brand went further, making even more careful choices of materials and prioritising sustainability, transforming its production chain and cementing the importance of conscious consumption.


Working with certified artisans who produce accessories by hand, with artisanal textile weavers and with products made by small family-run factories are also other sustainable production practices implemented by Marita Moreno. The entire production chain is within a radius of less than 70 kilometres from the head office, thus reducing CO2 emissions.


The brand is pursuing other new ventures. The Upcycle line, for example, is designed using leftover materials from other collections, adopting a circular economy approach. Products previously regarded as waste or useless materials are transformed into new products with quality and environmental value.


Furthermore, new sustainable materials are systematically added to the manufacture of the products, such as burel, cork, bio-leather, malai, vegan microfiber, pinatex, bananatex, Pacoba.tex, Alfarroba.Tex as well as many other environmentally responsible raw materials.


Marita Moreno's packaging also adheres to strict sustainability standards. The product boxes are produced from recycled cardboard and the shipping packaging is made from corn waste, with a synthetic agent added to increase flexibility and which can be composted at home.


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