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A better world is in our hands


Josefinas is an internationally renowned Portuguese brand. Born as an homage to master craftsmanship, the brand celebrates the heritage of the country's ancestral techniques, strengthening the high quality of Portuguese products. In addition to its commitment to ancestry, the brand has environmental sustainability and social equality as its core values.


The craftsmanship, specialised knowledge and devotion of its artisans in creating exclusive, timeless designs allow for the development of special and unique pieces that are authentic works of art. Choosing noble materials also helps create a more sustainable value chain.


Beyond creating exquisite footwear, the brand is firmly committed to promoting equality and social change, strongly advocating investment in education as a transformative tool supporting equity. The strength of women is one of Josefina's most significant sources of inspiration. That's why each piece, produced by hand, tells a unique story and emphasises the belief that handmade products can create unique and meaningful narratives.


Sustainability is another key value of the brand. It has always been present in its history, establishing the brand in slow fashion, where time and design are prized, which leads Josefinas to create items that last over time, always with accuracy and excellence.  


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