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Dielmar is a menswear brand with almost 60 years of history. Since its inception, the company has had the high quality of its products as its main hallmark, starting with a careful selection of components, using raw materials and trims of excellence, namely noble compounds such as 100% Wool in Super 120's, Super 150's and Super 180's versions, as well as Wool/Cashmere and Wool/Silk blends. 100% natural fibres.


Excellence in modelling, innovative design and quality control techniques allow Dielmar to develop unique collections. Every detail is handled with the utmost care, always in search of the perfect harmony between quality and the tradition of tailoring.


Moreover, the entire production unit was set up using the most traditional tailoring processes, keeping all the manual operations and industrialising the remainder with the latest and most cutting-edge technology. The brand's processes include a high degree of specialisation in making small series simultaneously, in a wide range of models.


Environmental awareness is also a crucial part of the company's production chain. Dielmar therefore implements zero-waste policies and maximises the cutting of fabrics and other materials, making the most of raw materials by recycling and processing raw materials.


Sustainable practices at every stage of the production chain have ensured the various certifications the brand has achieved, such as the Global Recycled Standard, OEKO-TEX and SEMETA, among others.


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