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Building on innovation


Founded in 1990, Carité is a footwear brand renowned for its innovative profile and its international competitiveness, currently exporting 97% of the more than one million shoes it sells.


One of its main differentiators is its ability to produce with different manufacturing systems: glued, Stitch Down, S.Crispino, Moccasin, Blake, Strobell, Sachetto and California and, more lately, by direct injection, meeting the needs of the market throughout the production chain.


Innovation is also a key part of Carité. The recently launched sole injection process, for instance, has provided an efficient response to orders from major international brands in casual, fashion and even professional footwear. It was this new technique that enabled the company to compete in and win a military boots tender organised by NATO, leading to the production of around 100,000 pairs of shoes.


Carité is also making great strides towards environmental responsibility. In 2022, it entered into the Portuguese Shoes Green Pact project, committing itself to contributing to the sustainability targets set by the United Nations. It also regularly takes part in European research and development projects for sustainability, such as Greenshoes 4.0 and BioShoes4All.


Carité also heads a partnership made up of 45 organisations from the world of footwear production known as FAIST. This organisation seeks to empower the market with innovative technologies and to introduce new procedures and sustainable materials.


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