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Handcrafted sophistication and luxury


Belcinto's history begins in 1961 in São João da Madeira, in northern Portugal. The company's establishment was fuelled by craftsmanship in the manufacture of belts handmade from leather. Over the years, Belcinto has broadened its product range to include other categories of leather goods, such as school bags, travel bags, wallets, hats, purses and women's accessories, consolidating its status as a benchmark in the manual production of leather goods.


With 56 years of history, Belcinto remains committed to quality and craftsmanship. The company's passion for creating leather goods stems from the experience of two generations and the preservation of a close, respectful and recognised relationship with its employees. The brand combines innovation and tradition by investing in new production techniques and more sophisticated finishings, adapting ancient techniques to modern equipment.


The collaboration with globally renowned brands and designers, under a Private Label arrangement, has enriched Belcinto's expertise and helped to spread its art internationally.


Environmental responsibility has also positioned the brand on a higher level. Modernising its manufacturing facilities, obtaining certifications and aligning itself with the future of sustainable fashion are all strategies that have led Belcinto to keep up with international competition.  


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