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Patented Sustainability


Established in 1983, the Becri Group's operations in the textile industry focus on international markets. Today, with around 620 employees, the company's strategic pillars are innovation and continuous investment in new equipment and the latest technologies, which enables it to respond to the needs and demands of the market and, above all, the planet.


With 40 years of experience in the textile market, the Becri Group is based on the family values that founded the company. Among them, one stands out in particular: sustainability. All the group's companies have certifications that ensure sustainable processes in the production chain.


Investment in measures to protect the environment is ongoing. The installation of solar panels, the reuse of heat from cutting machines to heat the buildings, the recycling of all waste, as well as the purchase of a fleet of electric cars are among the main initiatives.


The Becri Group also stands out for its patented Fiberloop project. This process uses yarn made up of 50 per cent organic cotton and 50 per cent recycled cotton, with the recycled part coming from its production waste.


In addition to technological innovation, this group pays special attention to its human resources, which the company considers to be the cornerstone of its sustained growth.


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