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Hope in the hands of artisans

ASA Leather Work

ASA is a Malay word that means "hope" in Portuguese. A tribute from the brand's founder, Stéphanie Branco, to her great-grandfather, Luís Esperança, the first craftsman in the family. Four generations later, in 2010, Stéphanie made her first pair of shoes entirely by hand in Paris, giving birth to ASA. It is a brand that retains the hope of its name as a commitment to new generations, developing products with environmental responsibility.


The brand stands out as much for its design and traditional craftsmanship as its commitment to a sustainable approach. ASA prioritises the concept of slow fashion. Its garments are made to measure and personalise, avoiding stock and waste. In addition, it adopts an environmentally responsible practice by using pieces of Portuguese leather that would otherwise be wasted, thus contributing to the circular economy.


The production process is distinguished by hand-stitching with two needles, which provides superior durability compared to machine stitching. The use of water-based glues emphasises the commitment to sustainable practices. The commitment to artisanal production is such that the brand organises workshops to teach manual techniques to future generations.


The brand rose to international prominence with the “SwitchBag” design, a backpack, an office, a mobile home, a decorative object and an organiser. The piece was presented at Milan Design Week in 2023 and at the international Crafthub exhibition, renowned for its design and exclusivity, but also for the fact that it is an object entirely sewn by hand, underscoring ASA Leather Work's core values regarding the safeguarding of this ancient technique.


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