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A handmade story


António is a brand founded by two sisters belonging to the second generation of a Portuguese family of leather craftsmen. The name honours their father, António, who produced leather goods 40 years ago.


The underlying philosophy behind the creation of each piece is based on ethical and sustainable principles that reflect a commitment to preserving the environment. Each António model is designed to transcend passing trends, always searching for timelessness, versatility and elegance. With an innovative design and minimalist lines enhanced with distinctive details, each model acquires its personality adapted to a sophisticated look.


The uniqueness of each piece is highlighted by the family names that make up this narrative, giving each item a personal connection and a story of its own. A way of both bolstering the family dimension of the company and underlining the original nature of each piece.


Since its inception, António has presented itself as a slow fashion brand with values intrinsically linked to sustainability. From the selection of long-lasting, chemical-free, environmentally-friendly raw materials to the appeal to conscious purchasing, stimulating the purchase of products with excellent durability and resistance based on versatile and timeless designs. Continuing to work with leather, looking for new techniques and methods that are artisanal and environmentally responsible.


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