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André Rocha

André Rocha is a Portuguese designer with over a decade of experience in the jewellery world. His entire production is based on three essential cornerstones: meaning, symbolism and purpose. Each of his pieces reflects a meticulous creative process, be it conceptualisation, customisation or experimentation.


Innovation is a hallmark of his creation. Through the RAW Project, the designer uses raw natural gems, cut by nature, to adorn pieces of jewellery. To develop the _reDesenharFiligrana project, the artist used the curvature traditionally present in filigree to develop an application that allows the manipulation of curves, with the computer as the tool and the user as the new filigree maker.


In 2017, he started the 1+1 Alianças brand, a company that manufactures on a tailor-made basis, based on personalised orders. The pieces are entirely manufactured in Portugal and finished by hand. Today, the brand has more than ten points of sale throughout the country and also markets abroad.


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